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Enjoy Yadkin Valley Wineries - Tour North Carolina Wine Trails

The Yadkin Valley became North Carolina's first federally-approved American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2003. With this appellation, the wineries and vineyards of and area cover all or part of Surry, Yadkin, Wilkes, Davie, Davidson, Forsyth and Stokes counties began labeling their wines "Yadkin Valley," proudly proclaiming the fruits of our region. Five years later the Swan Creek region, which is mostly inside the Yadkin Valley AVA, was recognized as its own AVA, reflecting its particular microclimate.

Growing from soil that for decades saw primarily tobacco, the grapes of the Yadkin Valley are not limited to the native breeds Muscadine and Scuppernong. Viticulture and wine making research have helped adapt many European varietals to the area's climate and soil — from Aleatico to Zinfandel with plenty more in between.

The Yadkin Valley and Swan Creek in North Carolina are home to more than two dozen commercial wine producers. From a downtown storefront to a farm surrounded by llamas, these are as diverse as the people who tend them. And most are producing award-winning vintages and gaining recognition nationally.

These wineries are small, with intimate wine tasting rooms providing more access to the winemakers and owners (often one and the same). That offers a great chance to try new wines and learn about the winemaking process. Wine trails, special events and wine clubs add to the Yadkin Valley Wine Country experience. Combine this with abundant outdoor activities, local arts & crafts, charming bed and breakfasts and the exquisite food and wine offered at local restaurants, and you have the makings of a great wine country getaway, family vacation, wedding reception or banquet.

Visit Elkin, NC - the soul of the Yadkin Valley Wine Country
Located in the heart of the Yadkin Valley AVA, the Town of Elkin embodies the region’s soul. Restaurants, hotels, wineries, shops and more await those exploring the are whether you start your tour of the wine country here, pass through and stop for lunch and end the day with a great dinner and a nice place to rest your head. Learn more about Elkin, North Carolina.

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