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 Yadkin Valley Wine Tours 
Visit Yadkin Valley Wine Tours
6390 Shallowford Road Lewisville NC 27023 Tel: 336-793-4488
Drive 33.54 Miles  -  0:37 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

The Yadkin Valley lies in the piedmont and foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Experts in the disciplines of Viticulture and Enology have compared this area to Frances Burgundy and Italys Piedmont. Yadkin Valley Wine Tours goal is to provide a complete touring experience of the Wineries & Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley and beyond, which is both fun and educational. Our wine trails are offered on Saturdays, usually April through November, (subject to changes when circumstances arise).

Yadkin Valley Wine Tours - Lewisville , NC
Total Visit - 6024 
http://www.yadkinwinetours.com   Last Updated on 2/20/2010

 Travel Guide 
 Swan Creek Wine Trail 
Yadkin Valley Wine Tours - Lewisville , NC

The five vineyards of the Swan Creek Wine Trail are located within both the Yadkin Valley and Swan Creek federally designated wine regions. All are family owned vineyards that are an easy drive from the Triad area coming from the east, Charlotte from the south or Wilkesboro and Boone from the north. Only 5 miles apart, this trail has the closest vineyards in proximity within the state of North Carolina.

Total Visit - 5387 
http://www.swancreekvineyards.com   Last Updated on 2/20/2010
 Yadkin River Wine Trail 
The five wineries of the Yadkin River Wine Trail welcome you to explore and plan a day trip to participate in one of our exciting and entertaining events. We look forward to meeting and serving you. Cellar 4201 Vineyards, Divine Llama Vineyards, Flint Hill Vineyards, RagApple Lassie Vineyards, Sanders Ridge Vineyard, Winery & Restaurant
Total Visit - 2703 
http://www.yadkinriverwinetrail.com   Last Updated on 5/14/2014
 Shallow Ford Wine Trail 
Yadkin Valley Wine Tours - Lewisville , NC

We welcome you to the vineyards of the Shallow Ford Wine Trail, four unique settings in the heart of the Yadkin Valley. Enjoy the wines of Allison Oaks, Brandon Hills, Hanover Park and Misty Creek Vineyards while experiencing our varied venues. A short drive from Winston-Salem and only minutes apart.

Total Visit - 2196 
http://www.shallowfordwinetrail.com   Last Updated on 5/14/2014
 Southern Gateway Wine Trail  
With just 15 miles or so of wine-trail driving, the Southern Gateway Wine Trail features world-class wines and wine country scenery – plus quite a few renowned barbecue restaurants. This drive is in the Yadkin Valley American Viticultural Area, or AVA, which was established in 2003.
Total Visit - 2293 
https://www.visitnc.com/trip-idea/southern-gate...   Last Updated on 5/14/2014
 Haw River Wine Trail  
Yadkin Valley Wine Tours - Lewisville , NC

Four neighboring artisan wineries along the 50 mile long Haw River Wine Trail bring you the best of North Carolina's Wine Country. This short scenic drive winds through the heart of rural North Carolina following the path of the Haw River. Located between Durham and Greensboro, the close proximity to NC's Triangle and Triad area make this a wonderful, convenient way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Total Visit - 3119 
http://www.hawriverwinetrail.com   Last Updated on 10/4/2008