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 Travel Guide 
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 North Carolina Birding Trail 
Visit North Carolina Birding Trail

The North Carolina Birding Trail links 300+ bird watching sites and birders with communities, businesses and educational attractions. But it is more than lines on a map, and birders do more than seek out rare birds. They help others learn about birds. They help scientists collect data. They can benefit local economies. The North Carolina Birding Trail is a network in many ways, for the benefit of all.

North Carolina Birding Trail - , 
Total Visit - 1061
http://ncbirdingtrail.org   Last Updated on 6/5/2014
 Doughton Park 
Visit Doughton Park
Drive 31.9 Miles  -  0:54 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

Doughton Park provides access to a wide variety of habitats including open grassy fields, xeric slopes, cove hardwoods, and mixed forest.

Doughton Park - , 
Total Visit - 1840
http://www.carolinabirdclub.org/birdingnc/dough...   Last Updated on 8/6/2008
 Grandfather Mountain 
Visit Grandfather Mountain
Drive 82.1 Miles  -  1:52 hour from historic downtown Elkin, NC

Grandfather Mountain is the world's only privately owned International Biosphere Preserve. Encompassing some 3,000 acres, this southern terminus of the Blue Ridge Mountains hosts a large variety of breeding birds, possibly the highest assemblage of anywhere on the east coast.

Grandfather Mountain - , 
Total Visit - 2120 
http://www.carolinabirdclub.org/birdingnc/grand...   Last Updated on 6/5/2014

 Travel Guide 
 Sparta NC 
Travel 29.06 miles  -  0:46 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Blue Ridge Birders is a birding group located in northwest NC and southwest VA. We are an active club with several informal birding trips each year. We also are sponsors for four Christmas Bird Counts and the Mahogany Rock Hawk Watch site located at MP235 of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Total Visit - 1796
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blueridgebirders   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Audubon Society of Forsyth County 
400 W Hanes Mill Rd Winston Salem, NC   Tel: 336-727-0734
Travel 43.39 miles  -  0:54 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain - , 

If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and wish to discover many natural areas of Forsyth County (as well as some interesting "unnatural" ones, then we're the organization for you. Our "Second Saturday" birdwalks (held on the second Saturday of each month) will acquaint you with the many favorite birding areas in Forsyth County such as Reynolda Estate and Tanglewood Park. Come visit new areas such as Bethabara Wetlands and Boardwalk, our sewage treatment plants, and Horizons Park.

Total Visit - 2256 
http://www.forsythaudubon.org   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Carolina Raptor Center 
6000 Sample Road Huntersville NC 28078 Tel: 704-875-6521
Travel 68.33 miles  -  1:15 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain - , 

Carolina Raptor Center is dedicated to environmental education and the conservation of birds of prey through public education, the rehabilitation of injured, and orphaned raptors and research.

Total Visit - 1718
http://www.carolinaraptorcenter.org   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Foothills Bird Club 
6680 Bakers Mountain Rd Hickory NC 28602
Travel 70.54 miles  -  1:18 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
The Foothills Bird Club is open to all who are interested in birding and nature. There are NO dues, although donations are accepted. We invite everyone who are interested, to join us on any of our meetings, fieldtrips, and walks.
Total Visit - 1331
http://www.geocities.com/foothillsbirdclub   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Piedmont Bird Club 
 Greensboro NC  27438
Travel 71.94 miles  -  1:18 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain - , 

The Piedmont Bird Club was established in 1938. Club members have always taken an interest not only in birds, but also in nature in general and in the conservation of our natural resources. Education of the public in various ways, as well as active community involvement is of special interest to the members.

Total Visit - 1780
http://www.piedmontbirdclub.org   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Mecklenburg Audubon Society 
920 N Sharon Amity Rd Charlotte NC 28211
Travel 80.79 miles  -  1:25 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain - , 

Mecklenburg Audubon Society is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Total Visit - 2151 
http://www.meckbirds.org   Last Updated on 8/15/2008
 Carolina Bird Club 
6325 Falls of the Neuse Road Raleigh NC  27615
Travel 138.52 miles  -  2:58 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain - , 

The Carolina Bird Club, Inc. is a nonprofit educational and scientific association founded in 1937. Membership is open to those interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds. The Club meets three times a year for birding at different locations in North or South Carolina, or occasionally in neighboring states.

Total Visit - 1739
http://www.carolinabirdclub.org   Last Updated on 8/19/2008