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Go Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Local Hiking / Walking Trails GuideHiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Local Hiking / Walking Trails GuideGo Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Local Hiking / Walking Trails GuideHiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Local Hiking / Walking Trails Guide

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 Elkin Valley Trails Association  
Visit Elkin Valley Trails Association
PO Box 91 Elkin NC  28621 Tel:  336.835.4630

The Elkin Valley Trails Association (EVTA) works to build trails and greenways in the Elkin area to preserve history promote health and wellness and provide economic opportunities. Their goal working through the NC Rail Trails is to connect with trails that link Wilkes, Surry and Yadkin counties along with those that link with the rest of North Carolina.

Elkin Valley Trails Association    - Elkin , NC
Total Visit - 1381
http://elkinvalleytrails.org   Last Updated on 6/5/2014
 Mountains-to-Sea Trail 
Visit Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Do you love North Carolina? Do you love to hike? The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is North Carolina’s premier hiking trail. It stretches 1000 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks stopping at many of North Carolina’s most beautiful places along the way.

Mountains-to-Sea Trail - , 
Total Visit - 1015
http://www.ncmst.org   Last Updated on 6/5/2014
 Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail  
Visit Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
  -  Historic Downtown Elkin, NC

The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail travels through VA, TN, NC & SC, retracing the route of patriot militia as they tracked down the British. Eventually the two forces clashed, ending in patriot victory at the battle of Kings Mountain. The trail is still under development through partnerships, but the public has many places to visit and walk today.

Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail  - , 
Total Visit - 2219 
http://www.ovta.org   Last Updated on 6/5/2014

 Travel Guide 
 American Volkssport Association Walking Events 
National Headquarters Universal City TX 78148  Tel: 210-659-2112
Walk with the clubs and walkers of the American Volkssport Association for fun, fitness, and friendship. The AVA's network of 305 Walking Clubs organize more than 3,000 walking events as well as occasional bikes, skis, and swims every year in most of our 50 states. All events are open to the public. Come join us!
Total Visit - 1663
http://www.ava.org/ava_events.asp   Last Updated on 5/5/2010
 Sauratown Trail 
PO Box 42  Tobaccoville NC 27050
The Sauratown Trail (ST) is a unique 21.70 mile trail that begins at the Tories Den parking area of Hanging Rock State Park and runs in a general WSW direction to the Surry Line parking area of Pilot Mt. State Park. The Sauratown Trail was built, and is maintained, by the volunteer efforts of the Sauratown Trails Association (STA), an equestrian group.
Total Visit - 1827
http://www.sauratowntrails.org   Last Updated on 5/10/2010
 Mountains To Sea Trail 
P.O. Box 10431 Raleigh NC 27605 Tel: 919-698-9024
The Mountains-to-Sea Trail stretches 1,000 miles from Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains to Jockeys Ridge on the Outer Banks. Today, more than 500 miles of footpath are built. With temporary connectors on back roads and state bike routes, people can now hike across the state.
Total Visit - 1976
http://www.ncmst.org   Last Updated on 5/10/2010
 Ararat River Greenway 
350 Riverside Drive Mount Airy NC 27030 Tel: 336.786.8313
The Ararat River Greenway in Mount Airy runs approximately 2 miles from Riverside Park to to Tharrington Elementary School.
Total Visit - 1886
http://mountairyparksandrecreation.com/ararat_r...   Last Updated on 5/10/2010
 Appalachian Trail Conservancy 
Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail  - , 

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is a volunteer-based, private nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of the 2,175-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a 250,000-acre greenway extending from Maine to Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that future generations will enjoy the clean air and water, scenic vistas, wildlife and opportunities for simple recreation and renewal along the entire Trail corridor.

Total Visit - 1921
http://www.appalachiantrail.org   Last Updated on 5/10/2010
 Emily B. Taylor Greenway 
P O Box 1232 Mount Airy NC 27030 Tel: 336.786.8313
Emily B. Taylor Greenway- 2 3/8 paved surface, multi-purpose trail that goes from West Lebanon Street to Worth Street in Mount Airy. Public parking is available behind Roses Shopping Center on Independence Street, Veterans Park on West Lebanon Street and on Bluemont Rd. behind Franks Cinema on Hwy 89 (Pine Street).
Total Visit - 1764
http://mountairyparksandrecreation.com/taylor_g...   Last Updated on 5/10/2010