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 Travel Guide 
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 World's Largest Open-Face Granite Quarry 
Hwy 103 Mount Airy NC  27030  Tel: 336-786-5141
Travel 25.34 miles  -  0:38 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Mount Airy, nicknamed "The Granite City," is home to the largest open face granite quarry in the world. There are larger pit quarries throughout the world but no larger open face quarries.Visit our observation deck where you can see nearly all the activities and are close enough to be plenty startled when we set off an explosionwhich occurs several times each day. The observation deck can be reached by car, and access is open without restriction each day that the quarry is in operation, including weekends, during the daylight hours.

Total Visit - 1523
http://www.ncgranite.com   Last Updated on 9/13/2008
 Squad Car Tours  
625 S. Main Street Mt. Airy NC 27030
Travel 29.74 miles  -  0:36 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Mount Airy's famous Mayberry Squad Car Tours. This is an exciting tour of our historic town and all it's famous Mayberry landmarks. We'll start you off at the famous Wally's Fillin Station, then take a ride down main street and check out all the sites like the Blue Bird Diner, Floyds Barber shop, Snappy Lunch and then we'll swing by Andy's original homeplace.

Total Visit - 1830
http://www.tourmayberry.com   Last Updated on 9/13/2008
 Shallowford Popcorn Farm 
3732 Hartman Road  Yadkinville NC  27055 Tel: 336-463-5938
Travel 30.45 miles  -  0:36 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Shallowford Farms is a family owned and operated agribusiness that grows, harvests and produces popcorn. Aside from the common flavors: butter, caramel, and cheese flavors, Shallowford pops fun tastes such as grape, green apple, cherry, chocolate, blue raspberry and butter rum. The farm also provides tours of the popcorn plant and don't forget to visit the gift shop where you can find unique gift ideas and buy your favorite popcorn.

Total Visit - 1755
http://www.shallowfordfarms.freeservers.com   Last Updated on 9/13/2008
 Grassy Creek Cabooses 
278 Caboose Lane Fancy Gap VA 24328
Travel 43.85 miles  -  0:50 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Come spend some time in a completely refurbished railroad caboose (with all the modern amenities) just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Orchard Gap, mile marker 193.5. Grassy Creek Cabooses are caboose cabins in the mountains near Fancy Gap Virginia with 2 person jacuzzi's in each caboose.

Total Visit - 1798
http://www.grassycreekcabooses.com   Last Updated on 9/13/2008
 Tweetsie Railroad 
300 Tweetsie Railroad Lane  Blowing Rock NC  28605  Tel: 800-526-5740
Travel 57.03 miles  -  1:33 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

There are a lot of great things in store when you visit Tweetsie Railroad! Three exciting rides have been added to the Country Fair, and our new section, The Hacienda, will be the setting our new dark ride, Den of Lost Thieves!

Total Visit - 1494
http://www.tweetsie.com   Last Updated on 9/24/2008
 The Blowing Rock 
432 Rock Road Blowing Rock NC  28605 Tel: 828-295-7111
Travel 59.12 miles  -  1:41 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

The Blowing Rock, North Carolina's oldest travel attraction since 1933, is an immense cliff 4,000 feet above sea level overhanging Johns River Gorge 3,000 feet below. Open all year weather permitting in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Total Visit - 1614
http://www.theblowingrock.com   Last Updated on 9/24/2008