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 Wine Making Resources 
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 The International Organisation of Vine and Wine 

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine" (O.I.V) which replaced the International Vine and Wine Office was established by the Agreement of 3 April 2001. The O.I.V is an intergovernmental organisation of a scientific and technical nature or recognised competence for its works concerning vines, wine, wine-based beverages, table grapes, raisins and other vine-based products.

Total Visit - 1787
http://www.oiv.org   Last Updated on 11/2/2008
Explore North Carolinas outstanding culinary tourism at www.VisitNCWine.com. Discover What's New in NC wineries & vineyards, maps, brochures, upcoming wine events, itineraries, Tips & Pairings and listen to the North Carolina toast.
Total Visit - 1948
http://www.visitncwine.com   Last Updated on 3/7/2010
 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America  

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Inc. (WSWA) is the national trade organization representing the wholesale tier of the wine and spirits industry. It is dedicated to advancing the interests and independence of wholesale distributors and/or brokers of wine and/or spirits. Founded in 1943, WSWA has nearly 330 member companies in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our members distribute more than 80% of all wines and spirits sold at wholesale in the United States.

Total Visit - 1589
http://www.wswa.org   Last Updated on 11/2/2008
 Wine Institute 

Wine Institute is the voice for California wine representing more than 1,100 wineries and affiliated businesses from the beautiful and diverse wine regions throughout the state. As the largest advocacy and public policy association for California wine, and the only group representing the industry at the state, federal and international levels

Total Visit - 1762
http://www.wineinstitute.org   Last Updated on 11/2/2008
 Wine Market Council 

Wine Market Council is a non-profit association of grape growers, wine producers, importers, wholesalers, and other affiliated businesses and organizations. The council's mission is to establish the widespread acceptance of wine as a rewarding part of American culture and to encourage the responsible enjoyment of wine by current and future generations of adults in the United States.

Total Visit - 3534 
http://www.winemarketcouncil.com   Last Updated on 11/2/2008

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